Day 25 – “Thankful”……Are you being thankful everyday?

Let your inner beauty shine through

Aint nobody here telling me what’s new


Walking through with my own new

Aint nobody here telling me what’s new


I aint ever following someone’s new

Negativity aint ever following me now


When I was younger I grow up with problems all around me

Have you ever seen so much drama it can take you over

Walking streets with your own mind

Pushing things away fast


Wanting to change

making a difference

Confidence got the best of me

Independence grew on me naturally

Now I’m walking the street like I’m JLo


Walking through with my own new

Aint no body here telling me what’s new

No one can tell me someone made it for me

My own new is me now

It’s all about the new new and my new

Future goals are a reality now


Journals make it all new now

My daily life is a blog now

Staying away from drama and writing it down now

My inner love is shining through now


Can you see me now? Can you see me?


I walked the street with nothing to something

Having a life I wanted to live

Making money on my own

Travelling through with confidence


Ain’t drake some reflection

He got the best of it

All the people watching over him

Following what he is doing

From songs to loving

Hey, you know if you want it like him

You could go get it too


Working hard pays off , can’t you see now?


Making his future why don’t you make yours now

Living life to the greatest from nothing is an achievement

Honour all his work

God’s plan was in his favour

Bonuses come from the hard work now


Just don’t forget to Thank God now



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