So..Have you tried these two Bobby Brown products…..Base Coat & Eye Liner …


Alright, so I’ve finally received my Bobby Brown products, Long Wear Liquid Liner Eyeliner Liquide Longue-Tenue and Long Wear Eye Base Base de Maquillage Yeux Longue-Tenue. I usually wear Anastasia Beverly Hills Liner and use MAC eye base but it’s time for something new. Especially with the amazing black Friday offer buy any product and receive a gift for free. I got just what I wanted to try, so here it is ….

Firstly, Long Wear Liquid Liner Eyeliner Liquide Longue-Tenue is black with a light shine. perfect for the water effect which feels dry. The liner sits well, I used another brush to apply as well as trying the one which came with the product. Both results were great. I shack the bottle first to make sure the liquid inside has not settled, which then I took the brush with little on there and started with the outside corner made a cat shape, once done I filled in the gaps and joint the inside, see video below for steps, it’s really easy. Now, using an angle brush I took a little off the original brush and used my angle brush to start from putter corner in, I don’t need to split as I can go a full way with the angle brush because of the way the shape is. Both came out lovely and the liner is liquid enough to not drip and right so doesn’t run. Watch both videos below to see which is best for you. If you get bored of one way try another.

Secondly, Long Wear Eye Base Base de Maquillage Yeux Longue-Tenue. So Initially I thought what is this, spending money on a clear liquid really what are the effects. BUT OH MY GOD these eye bases are perfect, to keep makeup on and wrinkles to not form, sometimes when you apply eyeshadow you get a crease or line. This can be formed due to sweat, water, long wear and also sometimes just the way your eyelids are a crease is formed. Now, to prevent your eye lids from drying and keeping them healthy. A Base coat is used. Giving the lid a smooth feeling for eyeshadow to be applied nicely also when shadow is not clumped it will last longer. Also, helps to keep the shadow on for longer. I’ve experienced .y eye shadow smudging on my engagement day and it was caused by my eyelids it was caused by using bottom eye liner as a little went in my eye this cause water to generate inside and my eye shadow to smudge due to the moist lids. Ideally you want to keep your eyes as dry as possible and avoid any irritation to the eyes. If you’re not used to wearing eye liner like Kajal pencil for example I would suggest avoiding this and maybe using eye shadow instead as I do. For people who wear contact lenses this is mainly the case for irritation. It’s not just your eyes everyone has this problem if they use the products in the wrong places, everyone will react differently. Bobby Brown base coat is smooth and does the job, not spending a crazy amount, it’s worth the money. Keeps your eyes from drying as well as lasts long, obviously depending how you use the products too. Worried about your eye shadow wearing off by evening or getting creases on your lids and lines where you can see your skin through the eye shadow, well prep for lids before using eye shadow to keep them glowing.

If you feel this product is too expensive for a Base Coat don’t worry. I’m going to show and review a few more base coats and compare products. Coming up in the next posts…

Thanks for reading my review




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