Day 26- You going to better places? Guess what…I am!

I’ve always had a thing for keeping journals and writing my life in a book, some know and some don’t. I’m sure one day my mother will find my note pad from when I was 13 years old, keeping a diary of my life. Never know, I might have been binned it as journals are something you don’t want everyone to read, till you get to where I am and you want people to be more confident and brave in life, take on challenges you’ve never thought to do. It’s not easy but it’s a challenge, you get the best out of life when you work hard and believe in yourself. I guess you can’t write so much unless you’ve been through so much. Life carries its own weight, sometimes so much that you can’t even explain how you feel to people. When I was younger, me and my siblings would be left out of the “smart” group just because we didn’t go to private schools, but hey…now we running it like you wouldn’t even thought. I didn’t need to go to private schools to get a teaching, I just became confident and brave, using my own knowledge and imagination battling all sorts. It’s not easy, but I had hope which I still do, I believe and always will.

My advice would be NEVER give up, NEVER take someone else as being better than you, NEVER be put down by how well others are doing be happy for them and keep working harder…

Life is about taking chances and risks, if you have nothing to lose, why you scared for?  Don’t be afraid of what’s in front of you take opportunities and work to make some. Once upon a time I was worried where I would be in life, but by loving myself, my confidence levels increased so high that now I don’t need anyone to be who I am and do what I want, saying that I still want people because I’m a people person and love socialising, there is a difference between NEED and WANT. I work and I move forward, I keep working harder to get my future goals, where you don’t need to rely on anyone or need help from someone unless obviously there are certain things two people can do only. You think goals are unreachable but you’ll never know till you “bring your inner beauty out” – C By KBand walk in the direction you feel less confident to make yourself more confident. You don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need people to love you to move forward, you just need to let people love you for your imperfections. Everyone has something which is not perfect. Which kind of makes everyone imperfect, nothing wrong with that, be who you are and only who you are.

I love writing so much, I put down some lyrics only if there was someone to rap them for me would be nice….never know maybe I’ll become a lyric writer one day….who knows right. Take chances you never could and do things you always wanted to. Be you and do you, be proud of who you are….

Title – “Where I’m going?”

“Guess where I’m going

Have you seen where I’m going

Well….nahhhhh nah nah

Only I know where I’m going

Do you and only you

Only ever do you

Help others as I do

love you because it’s only you

Searching for your goals won’t get your goals

Only your mind and confidence will get your goals

Life is in your hands to make your goals

Your goals are yours and only yours

Play play play but never forget to work harder

The more you love yourself you’ll work harder

Believing in yourself makes you work harder…..

uhuh harder

More harder harder harder than evvveerrrr (ever ever)

I’ve never been one to stop

Neglect left me walking alone

All those that looked down on me

Now watching me grow

Becoming someone you wouldn’t have imagined

My powers will embrace your hearts

Shallow people becoming better

Don’t judge because I’m a size 12

My man has curves to hold does yours

I’m loving me you go love yourself

You go your places and I’ll go to mine

My confidence has reached new levels now

Never alone always with God

My faith in God is powerful

So powerful he’s taking me places

Life is a new challenge

Have you seen the brightness around you

I see it …yeah yeah yeah I see it

Sunshine all around us

Guess where I’m Going

Guess where I’m going …going …going

Places only I can see….”

Lyrics – C By KB




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