Truth about Labour

There are many stories which go on about labour, and what happens. It is not something you would usually go into and tell everyone but sometimes it is nice to let others know and share your journey. So here is mine….

It all started on 25th November,

My Story – When my waters broke…

I was overdue by 3days before I finally delivered my little prince..
When it came to my due date I had no sign of labour… no contractions and my waters had not broke, I was extremely nervous and trying my best to bounce on my exercise ball to help my contractions start.
I was on my exercise ball bouncing daily and doing walking like crazy ..for atleast 10hrs a day
While watching TV and while I was home all day long I’d be walking
Finally Sunday evening 8pm came I went for my shower and felt peeing sensation but this time couldn’t be stopped, it was clear and just like a sack of water
i didn’t think much of it, I joked to my husband maybe it was my waters, we had our dinner and watched a full movie
While watching a movie I noticed I could feel the babies head more and movements were more visible
We called Triage who told us to go in 11pm they confirmed my waters had broken

24hrs later….

After 24hr I was booked in to go back by triage if my contractions did not naturally start
Monday 8pm I was in hospital waiting to be induced…I was given the gel to try stimulate my contractions for 6 hrs – I was started on Antibiotics straight away every 20mins to make sure no infections developed with baby as sac was broken
6hrs later with nothing still started we were waiting to be taken down to the delivery suite
My birth plan was nothing like what I went through
We waited till Tuesday 10pm before we were taken down to the delivery suite as it was busy and we were low risk
Once we went down drips were added for Antibiotics as were previously
I was given the option of epidrual I first said no however as time went on this changed to yes…I took the epidural and was the best decision I made ( see what happens when you opt for epidrual…what I didn’t know)
My induced drip was added 20min later and within the following 15minutes contractions began
This was when I was in beginning of labour….


When I initially started contractions I was clueless to what they feel like, this is NORMAL
Contractions feels like your stomach‘s tightening, pulling in, it is a strange feeling. You get used to the feeling and start to notice when you will get one.
Contractions come and go, they do not remain. Each one comes for a minute or so and goes
Contractions are needed for your muscles to get ready to help deliver the baby
Contractions help you dilate and deliver
Be aware of how many contractions you feel

Half way through my contractions – The Scare

By the time I was downstairs I was already 2cm Dilated, you need to be 10cm before you can begin pushing
Before time I was 9cm but at the same time one Dr said Kiaans heart rate had decreased and he had also done a Poo inside me which meant we were more prone to an infection
Another Dr said his head was moving and they need a blood sample to see the oxygen in him
Before you know it I was told I need to go theatre for a C section
Me and my husband prayed like no tomorrow, 5minutes later another Dr ran in saying actually we don’t need to go as he has around 2hrs to keep pushing and his bloodtest results showed he is ok
My midwife was amazing her advice before she finished her shift was PUSH LIKE YOU ARE TALING A POO AND KEEP PUSHING
The new midwife advice to breathe in when a contraction was coming and push at the same time, good the beds had handled you need these to hold while pushing
I knew if I didn’twhat would happen so the power and strength to push was unreal before I knew I could hear my midwife and husband saying they could see the head which encouraged me more
Longer pushes were required for the head to come out instead of being moved in everytime again
Within the following 1hr our little boy born.

Stitches which followed…

Finally once Kiaan was delivered it was the best feeling ever
The midwife said I would need to go to theatre to get stitches done but when the Dr arrived he said he could do them in my delivery suite
I was so happy about Kiaan that I didn’t even feel the stitches
The gradually dissolved withing 2 to 3 weeks
It is uncomfortable when you sleep or move and even sit but it is something you need to adjust to
Keep your stitches cleaned, wash them with warm water daily
When you go to the toilet make sure to wash with warm water and only dab dry, Do NOT wipe with tissue

Going Home…

Few hours after delievery I was moved to the Postnatal ward
This is where they monitor you for the day and following day to make sure everything is ok so you can be discharged
Make sure to keep your records and valuables safe
Get all injections done
dr will come to do babies checks
Our hearing test failed as Kiaan was Crying, but he was sneezing so I also knew he had fluids. We went for a check week later and he was cleared
Following few hours we were discharged to go home
Remember followed day of discharge Midwife wilk come home to see you

Any question about my experience, don’t hesitate to ask

I’ll be writing a review on my breathing techniques soon so keep reading and following my posts…

Dont be scared be confident and brave, have faith in yourself and the best is to remember what will happen will happen so don’t panic months before….

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