Day 24 – It’s written in the stars….

Have you ever heard the saying it’s written in the start, well you know what I think it’s something which is mentally true. Sometimes, people say your life is written out for you, how hard you work is just a bonus. I do believe your life is written out for you. Same way I feel you need to work hard to get where you are at present and in the future. Whether it is a coincidence where life takes you is never known. Is your strength a test to see how you will do? Do you believe in yourself and have faith in what you do?

You know let me tell you guys something about me, generally I wake up and get on with my daily tasks (usually or always should I say written down in my diary) . I’m pretty good like that now, but hey, way back in time it wasn’t so easy. I went through difficult times when I couldn’t sleep and I thought I wasn’t as good as people around me just because I wasn’t very recognised or thought I wasn’t. And to be honest not much has changed, I’m still not recognised or think so but me myself, I know who I am and what good I do for myself. Usually I feel confident when I walk around and where ever I go, I’ll always make friends because of the people person I am. It’s never easy being the younger one, but when you find your own confidence, you tend to not care about what people pursue you as. “You do you and I’ll do me”- C By KB is all I say. I do feel someone is watching over me and guiding me through life, taking me in the right direction whether it’s my gran or my uncles there is someone helping me. My father has been a man to make sure all us siblings go in the right direction, he has given us the talk, he has given us the shouts but today it was all worth every minute. I don’t think we would have been the way we are without my father’s shouting and guidance, it might have not been great at the time and I probably felt he hated me but the love has shown. I feel I’m getting guided and given strength from someone, a star above or yet I’m not too sure who. I take it all as self-confidence and move forward in positivity. Sometimes things go bad and you think, “why has god wished this upon me” but hey I thank God and I say the same sometimes. But life is about taking the risk and chances, it’s not always given on a plate, work hard for what you want I say.

Same way I had guidance from my father, I do feel for the people around us today who don’t have guidance from anyone. You might feel alone and like it doesn’t matter what you do, life isn’t great sometimes when you feel that way. My advice would be to look at the greater picture, alone you are the strongest and stand independently. Love yourself, be happy with yourself and follow your thoughts. Sometimes, you might have lost someone so close and thought things are over but take it as they are watching you, you’ll always have a star someone guiding your steps and taking you in the right direction, all you need to do is try. You become stronger alone and can do a lot on your own, sometimes more than you think. When you have your feet to the ground with your head high, take on challenges, remember where you are going, you will go with or without someone. Working hard will or might not add to your future life and give you a bonus you never saw coming. You will only gind out when you follow your heart. Just remember you are never alone, there is always someone else who is just as alone, but don’t stop doing what you want. It might seem harder as you don’t have the resources or powers to go as far as you want. I used to feel alone when I was younger till I became confident and strong from feeling the way I did. I knew there was a power inside of me which had to be shown, something used to hold be back bit I realised it was the negativity around me. Once I removed all the negative pain and started to concentrate on myself and my goals, life became brighter and open. I now see things and look upon a star daily to help me through, reach my goals. If you have no one to talk things through with, the best is to write them down. I journal my life just so I know what I want and I feel I’m talking to someone daily. Even if there is no one around I’m independent to love and move on.

I do think it’s an imagination of positivity knowing a star is following you and guiding you through life. You need to believe in yourself and have confidence in what you do, a positive star will always follow you and be right next to you. Don’t rely on others to always be there or a guidance, you’ll end up becoming dependent and that’s not what you want. Independence is the key to happiness, you can’t get abused and you can’t get bullied. Walking away from a sad life or negative people isn’t easy when you are caught up with no stars around you or you love someone so much it’s never easy, make sure you move away from people with your own independence. Your strengths need to be higher than your weaknesses, and your weaknesses need to be broken away by your confidence. If you can’t leave or walk away, make sure your confidence and independence is so high others know they can’t walk over you. Sometimes you end up blaming someone above for the bad in your life, it’s natural and it’s normal, everyone does it. But what people don’t think about is the way they take on life and have their own future written down, is it guidance or is it your own goals?

It’s written in the stars, your life is seen by someone above more further than you know. You might have a dream or thought, which you feel comes to reality one day.

Do dreams come true or is this someone’s star within you? I feel writing down your goals and working towards them you get more confident and you feel more independence, when you feel this it’s the star above you gained. More like a challenge.

You ready to take on the challenge and become independent, working through those goals to a happier, brighter future. Let me know how it goes, add comments below and let’s discuss

Always count on the positive star! ☆




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