So..What’s beneath your makeup?…

People always question or judge someone with how their make-up is done or how they look. But have you ever wondered what is actually beneath all that make-up. I’m a normal lady wanting to see the world and experiment everything I can, I love make-up and yeah when I do make-up I usually tend to cover my face, not obviously to look ‘caked’ as they say but nice make-up. I go through stages of trying different foundations, sometimes they make me look awful, just the type, colour and tone are not right. Have you purchased a foundation which hasn’t been right? You know the best solution for this is to ALWAYS get a tester pot and then you can order the foundation, if you don’t have time to go to the store again order online, at least you know it’s right. Anyway, no matter how much foundation you try or go through, have you ever thought that person is actually the same no matter what they apply to their face, it doesn’t make me any different to others just because I wear make-up. People usually look and think oh wooooo she’s wearing a lot of make-up, look at her eyebrows, they’ve been coloured. But hey, I like my eyebrows and my make-up so what’s your problem!

Beneath all my make-up however, I’m a normal lady I’d like to think, I want to be able to explore and challenge myself in situations I’ve never tried before. I just have a shopaholic passion for buying and trying make-up. Products I use aren’t damaging for my skin, as long as I clean and freshen my face straight after. Applying make-up for too long obviously isn’t good for the skin so it’s best to remove your make-up after a few hours, definitely wouldn’t sleep with it on, although can’t lie – I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE! The next morning I felt horrible all crusty and dry, my face felt like it needed air, I needed some moisture and also beneath make-up your skin needs to breath as you do. The best way to clean or wipe off make-up is to use Facial wipes – and out of all I LOVE the BOOTs facial wipe – I get around 3 for GBP 3.00 (Link below), the pink pack is my favourite they don’t irritate my skin and they are moisture well so my skin feel hydrated again. The wipes have enough moisture to not let any make-up rub further into the skin but all is picked up on the wipes. I used to wash my face before with Clearasil but I noticed few spots so this wasn’t the right product for my skin, I broke out and had few rashes on my face. I noticed this after a few times after using the product, but now these wipes are around and they are perfect for my skin. Everyone needs to remember beneath make-up you’re all different, everyone has a different skin type and they are unique. Not all products will suit your skin. Make sure to stop using products if you’ve started irritation as it will only get worse.

Home remedy for bad skin is simply water, don’t add no product just cleanse with water, you can get a cotton wool dampen and wipe. Just remember if you have acne or irritated skin, once you’ve wiped an area with the cotton wool use a fresh piece, rubbing your wool from one area to another will only spread any acne or irritation. The same goes for spots make sure not to cream your face and touch those hands on another area, sometimes spots and irritation spreads by this. I would recommend to avoid using any products over this time and if you really really have to then use products with a good primer underneath to protect the skin, the primer should cover and give a layer of clear protection. Also, wipe off the make-up fully without spreading the wipe around. If you use water make sure to rinse wash hands before applying to other areas. As much as make-up is good for the outside look sometimes this can irritate your skin and cause bad damage underneath, so ladies be careful. Only use products which are suitable for your skin, some have ingredients which you might be allergic too, so always stop using after irritation or spots form.  Do you have irritations? When do you get them? I’m no Dr but I have experience irritation and out breaks, and to be honest I used my own thoughts/perceptions to get rid of them.

A lot of people do make-up to hide what’s really on their face, it’s not a bad thing, we are lucky to have these products to be able to apply the to our skin. Common facial irritations are acne and spots, some also have skin damage or skin colour irritations. Don’t be shy, be confident in who you are, don’t lose yourself because of these skin irritations and problems. Some are more serious than others but be confident in your look and style, this is why there is make-up for the amazing reason to help be more confident and walk the world as you wish.  It’s important to be confident about your skin under your make-up because remember your makeup will perform better the more happy you are with your underneath skin. It’s just like baking, if you make a cake, layers need to be right for the icing on the top. The same way, you need to prep and prepare your face for foundation and application to be applied correctly. I use Bobby Brown Moisturiser cream for my face, as well as the Mac Cosmetics Prep and Prime. Also there are alternative creams and preps which I’ve also added below, just remember it’s how you apply these products which also matter.

Alternative creams and prep to the above two, it doesn’t mean you need to spend alot of money on creams and preps, you just need good quality products. Remember, it’s not all about how much you spend but about the quality of the product and how good they are. I used a few, they are not too expensive and they work too…

I’m going to continue this blog with product info and how they help your skin beneath the makeup….

Thanks for reading! Don’t hide your natural beauty…sometimes your skin needs to breath….



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