Day 22- Motivation to Study and work hard for your future?

Is there a reason many young teenagers or students don’t see studying as something they should do, yet they want all these amazing things in the future. Well, from my opinion to be able to have a nice lifestyle and wear all these designer garments isn’t easy. You need to study and work hard for such a life, it won’t come with age it will come with working and pushing yourself forward for things you never used to do. Many students feel studying is for “nerds” or “geeks” well, it’s not. Studying is for people who want a bright future and have ambitions to be someone in the future, all these celebrities and superstars are not there by magic, they’ve worked hard to be at the place they are. Yet, they are all still working hard daily.

When I was younger I went to a pretty rough school should I say, it was a normal school with teenagers from all backgrounds. Some came from the well-known Middle Class families and some not so middle. Yet, it didn’t make a difference and too right it shouldn’t. You should be able to be who you want to be and do what you want to do, without anyone telling you otherwise.  Some of the students with me enjoyed messing around and play fighting, as well as actual fighting more than studying. Studying didn’t mean much to them, sometimes you would be caught in a class room with you working and the rest of the students fighting. Which wasn’t so cool as you would want to learn. I always was apart of the cool kids so studying became hard for me especially when I got distracted but after the talk from my father to work otherwise in the future you won’t have much to look back to. It all made sense. I started working harder and spending lunch times studying or reading instead of messing around. When I went to Sixth Form it was all girls mixed with boys from the boys school, I was used to mixed as that’s where I was previously, however that school didn’t have sixth form. I worked hard through my A-Levels to achieve grades to go to a good university, I wanted to follow in my siblings footsteps as they had achieved so well. Finally, I got into university and worked hard to get the results I wanted. Job finding would have been hard but the degree and qualifications I had really helped me get my Third Job in the direction I wanted to go. I’ve been at my 2nd job for 7 years now from Cash Management to Middle Office Accountancy now. Working hard at the beginning does pay off in the future, don’t be de-motivated by the naughty kids around you, they might call you names or say stuff, but your future is in your hands. If you want to be walking around with a future you can control and never have to look back , go for it.

Now, My first Job was interesting. Once I graduated I was looking for a job it wasn’t so easy without any experience. But I needed something otherwise no income and sitting at home wasn’t me. I walked into HnM where they usually take online applications, but I asked for the floor manager, he spoke to me and took my CV. I said please I’m looking for a job I’ve graduated and I want something to keep me going and gain experience. Luckily they were hiring so he said I’ll get in touch, it’s usually online though the applications please complete. When I went online, there weren’t many which were local and I wanted. That second I got a call from the floor manager Steve, he said, so what makes you want to work at HnM?  Replied, well with fashion and working on the tills will help me gain mathematical skills as well as working with others, I’m a good team player which will help working with others and customers. He straight away replied, “When can you start”. He gave me my first job and said don’t need interview just come through. I walked into the office and everyone was shocked I had been given a job in such a way, finally I got used to the job and the people, I worked two weeks and a bit. After this, I knew I couldn’t stay there forever, so I decided to continue looking for my job, one came along two weeks later at Coutts & Co private banking. I took the offer!

Moving into Coutts, I realised I had progressed after 2 year of working there and things had started to change, I looked for a better job which I found and is where I’ve been at for 7 years now. The pay was good and I had a chance to keep progressing without stopping. It wasn’t easy and I had to work hard for where I am now. Being the youngest when both your siblings have done so well can be intimidating. You get caught up in thinking, they are better than you, but just remember they might be getting praised for their achievements but they had to work hard one day to get where they are. Now, I’m working harder and starting my own business I know it was worth the pain when I was younger. I have become stronger, much more confident and very independent.

I feel students need to understand not to look around at what others are doing and concentrate on yourself. Helping others I ok if you know what you were doing, I used to help all of my friends at university and school. Naturally I love helping others with anything. Be confident in what you do and if you are stuck don’t sit back and get de-motivated, push yourself by doing better. Working harder not knowing what you want in the future, it’s always best to get the best level you can at that stage. Ask for help at any time from your teachers, other students or even someone you know. Don’t sit back not knowing what to do, always make sure you know what you are doing and are learning it correctly.

I hope I’ve helped motivate some of you students work harder for your goals and futures. Living life by travelling, buying designer clothes and having independence comes with working hard. Don’t stop keeping going even if you fall down few times….don’t quit. Life is about taking chances and achieving the best in you. People might judge or put you down don’t listen, keep going.

If you have any question or want to talk just message me, all you students and teenagers struggling.




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