Day 7 : Is Discrimination really still around at work?…

Daily you see so many people from so many backgrounds and you don’t think anything of it, well I don’t. I get up and get to work, talk and back home. Well….

You know someone told me something last night which got to me, my friend worked at a place for few years now and feeling at home, there was no sight of discrimination, not in sight anyway. Every day my friend would attend with no worries that they would be left out or alone, people would pin point and say things indirectly. It’s weird you think it’s all stopped and everyone’s equal but it’s unreal that there is discrimination around. It was only when my friend went for progression in work she realised she didn’t get the role because of her background. The manager decided to then be spiteful and really put her down and making things up just because they went for another role. You know you would have thought the manager wouldn’t mind because it’s not affecting them, but clearly someone from a different background wasn’t allowed. Do you have this at work? Are any of you affected by discrimination due to race or colour?  My friend starting losing confidence and thinking it was her that was the problem, even though it wasn’t she started to question herself. After persuasion from her husband and family, my friend then raised this higher up and it was then established that she wasn’t the only one feeling this. It’s when it made me think if she wasn’t brave enough to say something, this would have continued. I’m so proud of her. That manager is now under investigation as multiple people have now come forward and made a complaint. Confidence gives you the power to stand up strong and stand towards all your rights.

There are people out there who get affected by discrimination and keep it quiet, it’s when I think they shouldn’t. You should always tell someone if you feel discriminated against or at fault for something you’ve not done. I do feel those people sometimes don’t think or they are from an influential family for years of this attitude and upbringing, which is why discrimination is normal to them. All I have to say to all the victims is don’t be afraid, don’t be worried, some people are like this and they are raised to think they are better than anyone else. Don’t lose your confidence, walk around these people who treat in this way and show your power. Bring that self-confidence out and shine. I know it’s probably not easy saying something, because you might feel threatened that you might not have a job left by the end or someone might treat you worse then you are already being treated. But don’t think this, if you’re right and someone is behaving inappropriately they should know this and it should be raised. At the end of the day wouldn’t you rather look for a job where you are not suffering daily, where you can enjoy working life. You want to feel comfortable with people you work with and not be looked down on because of the race, background or colour you are. There are more people out there who are not like this and have a multicultural working place, this is ideally where you want to go if you feel discriminated in your current role.

Don’t sit back and take it, get up… talk up and move on. Don’t let negative people ruin your working lifestyle because they are not respectful.

What do you think? Is it right to act in this way? Should you sit there and take what people say about you which is wrong?

So glad I could get this off my mind, been bugging me for a while now!




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