Hours in a day…..

“Think outside the box”

It’s crazy how many hours are actually in one day and it’s mad how much you can complete in one day also. Who would have guessed if you focus, one day can change many things. Before I had a baby my day would mean do what I feel, do what I can and work hard at my pace. Now it’s a matter of working just as hard but juggling a baby around and also focusing off the tension you never thought you would have.

A lot of people tell me I’m lucky, I live with my Mother in law but hell do they know the truth. If it wasn’t for them getting older and less capable or my father in law becoming less happy I don’t think I would have moved back. It’s hard, let’s say that at the least. Yes, they are around and I LOVE my Father in Laws company, he is a great man and quite chilled to be honest. I still have to do EVERYTHING myself and I still have to do everything for my other half, but that part I love as I know he likes the meals I cook and the food I give him. Staying together can get hard as we all have different opinions but we compromise. Also, seeing them play with my Son is nice as it’s time you wouldn’t get back.

When does your day start? So, my day on average begins at 4am when I get up to go back on emails and queries I have, as well as going back on some work emails – personal and work may I add. It’s not easy, it’s tiring and stressful, but I am motivated to achieve and become successful even more than I am today. It’s a life challenge I took upon myself which I want to complete, I have goals I want to reach and get to. Which means waking up early is the only way forward. Also, waking up early I find you get more done during the day, do you not agree? Like, it’s quiet time as well and your brain is so on point and motivated. I sometimes take time out to think and step back but majority of the time I crack on with planning.

4am till 10am are crucial for me not just when working but also when at home getting my personal work sorted, I have to be on top of everything, go back to emails. Make those essential phone calls, remember best time to call is in the morning otherwise during the day gets busy and phone lines generally do not answer. Be patient when you call people too, usually there will always be someone waiting around. I’ve actually found patience is highly important when trying to build your own career. It’s definitely not easy, it’s the most hardest. Hours and effort sometimes provides not much, but when you keep going eventually you will have the best results and that is what you are working hard for. Stay motivated and stay positive, do not give up at the knock down. Keep going. Morning motivation is the best motivation you can get, I’ve put few tips below with remedies and motivational activities that will help your morning.

Drinks one warm glass of water with Lime squeezed inside – sitting down – daily. First thing soon as you wake up.

Or Drink warm glass of water with Turmeric, Wheat grass and Vitamin C booster.

Both of these will help you feel better and cleanse your body. You can also do 5mins breathing exercise, breathing in through one nostril and out the other alternating. Making sure when you breath in you are taking this from your stomach. This will help you physically feel better and remove any toxins from your body.

Getting to that midday stage, you start to feel even more motivated this is when the adrenaline rush kicks through, you want to do everything and get everything done too. You want to feel you are in control of the day and have everything under control. Keep drinking that water and stay hydrated, with lack of water and over working you may feel light headed and run down. This is not good and you should keep your health in check, try eat less carbs and more protein. As time gets from Midday to 2ish you will start to feel the day going, near to the end of the working day. You may feel you are now at the stage where you have lots to do but also want to finish up early, this is me on any day. Especially with my Son, i’m continuously feeling stressed and rushing at this time to get out the door to pick him up. I wish sometimes work/office was literally down the road from home, cutting out the transport would make such a difference in my day-to-day work.

Near the end of the day, just think you have tomorrow if all could not be complete today. Remember if you have prioritized your work correctly, you will realise you’ve done a great job today. Plus, you will feel happy to close of the day on a good note.

Evenings at home once work is at end for the day. These are the most precious hours you get to spend with your family. Cherish each moment and make it special like no other, make memories. For me, I come home to my baby which I adore, he is so playful and joyful. He makes me relaxed and stresses me out, you know we all need a balance, dont get me wrong I love 8pm bedtime too.

How to Be Productive at Home and Make Every Day a Productive Day

  1. Create a Good Morning Routine. One of the best ways to start your day is to get up early and eat a healthy breakfast. …
  2. Prioritize. Sometimes we can’t have a productive day because we just don’t know where to start. …
  3. Focus on One Thing at a Time. …
  4. Take Breaks. …
  5. Manage Your Time Effectively. …
  6. Celebrate and Reflect

Thank You for reading! 🙂

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