Day 5 – Seriously…Do you need to do your make-up or nails on a packed TUBE? Really…..

Yep, one of those mornings! I got up nicely this morning for work, hair done, makeup on and thought let’s leave early today. With all the delays on the underground, it happened I just get late. Luckily for me I get on from one of the first stops on the Tube so I usually tend to get a seat. This time the tube for some reason came packed from stop 1, meaning no seats and people standing like sardines. So usually I don’t mind people on the tube wanting to do Make-up, apart from when the tube is ridiculously busy and someone has their back pack on and is trying to do their face! Now, come on seriously, yes it’s nice to have makeup but if you’re that concerned maybe set your alarm slightly earlier or wait till you get into work. Everyone on the tube has seen you without makeup now anyway plus you might not know us but you could know someone. What are the chances of this?

So, you want to give others evils for looking at you but seriously bag out, foundation kit out and you’re there with a mirror pulling all sorts of faces and doing your makeup. I’m not going to lie when I do my face at home I pull all kinds of expressions. How can you blame someone from the entertainment you give them?

It’s a free world and I understand this, but if you want to do something in the open please make note, that others might watch. To be honest it doesn’t bother me unless you’re being inconsiderate to people around you. I would really like to know why people do this and they don’t get up early just to do their face, I can understand it covers time especially if you got a long journey to be fair to those. Do you not get worried about your powder all over someone or something spilling, it could easily happen? I guess many do the basics.

Although, once I saw this lady do her nails on the tube, like they wouldn’t dry in time and if I was the person next to her I’d be a little worried, not going to lie. Wouldn’t you be worried? Say she fell by accident or the nail polish bottle slipped off her lap? What are the chances! Not only that for you to be getting off the tube in a few stops, your nails won’t be dry. if be worried my nails would smudge and get ruined. Nails need time and care but I understand sometimes you’re limited, but on the tube this is just seriously desperate measures I guess.

Can people just consider others…..try not to be so inconsiderant in life and REMOVE your backpacks on busy tubes. I’ve got a post coming for this as my thought are running marathons about this…..

Come on let’s talk….

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