Loving yourself makes a difference…..

How many of you out there spend quality time on yourself?

Do you take time out to get yourself ready? Have a massage now and then…?

Loving yourself first can make a big difference on your life and your thoughts which you carry with you on a daily basis.

Start loving yourself by acknowledging that you are unique, amazing person, there are no others like you. Stop beating yourself up for other people’s opinions, when in reality they are afraid for themselves to. Encourage yourself, talk positive with yourself and be your best friend. Becoming your own best friend first before anyone else is important, by doing this you will gain self-belief and also confidence in everything you do. There is no one better than yourself to show our inner beauty and achieve what you can.

Being your own Best Friend First..

In life, your first ever best friend is YOU. There is no one greater than yourself, the one who will know you best and care for you the most is you. You have to learn how to respect yourself and be you before showing your personality to anyone else. Life is full of alot of different people, some who are unique and some who like to follow the media..also some who are just so selfish they cant see past their own feet. This is the person we don’t want to be. Be positive, gain confidence and be who you were born to be. Just remember everyone changes but we want to change only in positive ways and grow with our inner beauty.


We are all unique in our own individual ways, this is why we all have unique fingerprints to each other, there is not one person with the same finger print as another. By using this formation you can realize we are not born into this world to be like anyone else, we are born in this world to be unique and build our own portfolios. It is up to you how different you want to be, you have two options in life, to follow someone else and listen to their opinions or be who you were born to be and listen to your own self. Sometimes being unique can be difficult as you may have a different opinion than anyone around you, this doesn’t mean quit, it means continue showing yourself to the world and follow your own thoughts. You may get people who disagree or are against your views but continue, Life is about challenges. Once you are your own best friend this is something which you will be able to block and follow, we only want to take in positives in everything we do.


What is Positivity? And how do you see this within yourself? Some people get the idea of this and feel you have to be a certain way to be positive. But that’s not true. You need to realise in yourself and think differently to be positive. The way you think and how you feel about things is where positivity comes from. When you see something or have a thought, you should see the good in it first but not forgetting you also need to be able to see the bad so you can be prepared for the good and worst. But over all, have a positive, bright, good view of all your thoughts and ideas. Love your own ideas first always.


When you love yourself and know what you do is right. Other people’s opinions will not affect you in any way that you end up changing views for. Opinions matter if you are looking for one or you let them mater. It’s OK if you need some advice or want someones opinion/view but does not mean you have to take it if you disagree. There are many people who want an opinion they want to hear rather than what is right and that is wrong. You should be honest if yiy have an opinion and you want to give it, give it with honesty. There are times when you feel that person will take it bad so don’t give your opinion but if you’re close, if they know you and care, they will appreciate any opinion you give.


There are people around you who will not appreciate honest. I’m going to give you an annoying example. When you meet someone for the first time, you will get a view or think they’re a certain way without knowing them. Generally this is a first opinion of someone, some people are less warming than others. But when you see them again and the ice breaks they may be someone totally different. I’ve met people before who have been cold from day one, but they had an opinion of me from what people had said (or one person) which is silly for them as they miss out on me. Now, some people don’t take other people’s view and go of there own judgement and this is how you should be. Don’t let these people affect you either way, continue loving yourself and be the better person you are. I know some people do get affected by how someone is to them and to be honest it can be annoying if people think different of them when they have no idea of the truth and what that person is like. I’ve learnt in my time it is for people to see the true colours of others, you do not need to tell anyone how someone is, God is always watching. And in all honesty that’s what I believe. When I first met my Husbands side, I had a few people who judged me from the beginning and some who loved me, the loved ones are happy and amazing. While as the ones who judged are still in the same place we last saw them. You will get asked by others how your relationships are with other, be honest. They may get annoyed to hear the truth but that is honesty. Mainly, who will love you and make the effert always will. Who wants to judge you, comment and laugh at other people, be petty will always be the way they are and remain in the same place.


When you love yourself, you learn to look after yourself and respect yourself how you should be. Not only by others but also by YOU. Now, it’s important to spend time on yourself and pamper yourself, aswell as time to embrace life as it is in your own time. Treat your skin how you should, treat your body how you want it to be treated. Many people look on media and think “oh I wish I could be that person” but why not be the person you want to be and better. You know all people on media are normal people who have become who they’re through goal, love and care to what they admire and want. Love yourself and you may be the one on media people are admiring.

Now…… The message in this post to you, should be for you to appreciate, love and care for yourself. You are amazing and no one can take that away from you. Keep your goals there, opinions where you want them but never forget love you! And everything else will follow….




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