SNOW la la …It’s here!!! MAC Cosmetics – snowball collections

OMG so as I was strolling through House of Fraser near Monument Station….I walked in to the most amazing Christmas collection!!! As  usual straight through the door and YEP …there they were. So for someone who loves Rose Gold ANYTHING …this was a killer to see considering I’m trying to Save up! But what do you do when you see products starting for £25 with exceptionally beautiful designed bags with every purchase. To anyone who loves a nice wrapped gift sets these are ….a must have. Now, usually I’d go and buy the items ..”gift to myself” sort of idea. This year I’m going to write a wish list. But what I couldn’t help but do is go through each of the items. So, the first you usually think is hmmmmmm wonder how much each are going to be provided over £30 atleast…well Mac Sales are pretty smart I say, most of them started from £25 which means it’s reasonable and within people’s budget. For the purchase product and quantity of items it’s pretty good, so most of the lip kits had 3 items and a bag, you could select from nude to dark coloured sets. Secondly, you automatically think will all of these be left by Christmas or will some sets run out before others? Eeeeeeeek, do I just buy them or not. Well, lucky for me I came straight home and hinted oh the sets are limited so some might run out before Christmas. Think he got the idea…pretty clear.

So, I’m going to take you through each product of the snowball collection and let you know how I feel about them, remember though this is My personal review and all may be different but tbh it’ generally a right comment….

A. LIPGLOSS ♡ – £25 Each ♡

Oh hello there….. these oh so lovely Rose Gold Lip Gloss Bags which are of an amazing size can be used after to store all lipsticks or daily use lip makeup. You get 3 lip glosses mini with the bag all included. You have a good choice of colour’ from Rose, Pink or Nude.

Eyeshadow – Rose Gold and Silver shadow bags, beautiful and elegant. Perfect to switch into a purse or even a small handy makeup bag, these cases can be used for any occasion. From dinner to drinks why not? The Eye shadows are neutral and dark so you can artistically create a glam Smokey look with all the colour. Now tips for the best smoky look but not to make your eye look punch or a mess, always start from the inner eye with a light shade and move outwards towards the outer corner, remember light nude inner, can turn into a gold/dusty gold inside followed by a dark brown or black on the outer corner.

Brushes – What more could you want than a ROSE GOLD brush collection. OMG, yes you read that correctly, BRUSHES in ROSE GOLD by MAC. You can’t be disappointed with MAC products.

Visit the Mac full Snowball collection here


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