Day 23- Happiness comes from within, don’t you think so?

Did you know many people get it wrong today, they feel happiness comes from the outside and what others feel about you. Well, honestly yes it does play apart for your confidence how you feel outside but happiness mainly comes from your heart. The love inside of you and the LOVE for your own heart is happiness. Always love yourself first before you try and love anyone else. Are you the one who thinks about a thousand other people before knowing and doing what you want? Doing something which is actually better for you?

If you are one of these people, well don’t worry you’re not alone. Before I learnt to think about myself and do what makes me happy, I’m really someone who cares for others more. Don’t worry this isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s a positive part of you. Keep helping as long as you’re happy. Sometimes a lot of people judge you because the person you help might never be helping you, however don’t worry about others. It’s all about you. Do everything YOU want and what makes YOU happy in your heart. Happiness is gained from your heart and mind.

After you’ve thought about helping, think about how you could make yourself happy. Write all the things down which you want to do and aim to get more than half done especially if you don’t have enough time. You need to set goals sometimes to make you achieve what you want, most of all if you’re easily distracted. There are always goals you want to achieve in life. Whether you know them or not, keep working towards them. Life is made from your own happiness, work hard to get your goals.

I know my goals for my future as well as all the dreams. Sometimes you think could it ever come true but how do you know without trying. There are times when you think it’ll never come true but i have faith and believe in myself, I’ll get what I want one day just got to keep working hard. See the things I want in life and for my future will take a lot more hard grafting, I’ve only just started. I go home and write for a passion, taking pictures for instagram and sending our a message to all my amazing followers. I live different products which make me feel loved and relaxed, some products are so good I want to b3 able to share reviews. I want people to know life isn’t bad if you concentrate on the positive future and don’t follow the negative. If you pay too much attention to the negative around us, you and up getting caught in the mess and it ends up driving you into the direction you don’t want to go.

Happiness is a given from positivity. Happiness refers to the good life, or flourishing as opposed to an emotion. Many people mistake happiness things and objects they have rather than feeling happy, thinking happy and believing in happiness. Anything and everything around you will be reflected happily.

Do you ever feel when you get up in the morning, you’re sad and something is bugging you? You know some days when I get up I miss my family and I miss certain things around me, things which can be there but aren’t due to the life I’ve picked. I know I’m happy but same time sadness can come to you, it’s nothing bad and I don’t feel negative. But my heart is full of love and happiness, feeling come and go but the positivity in my heart will remain and helps me hold stronger through difficult times. I’ll tell you guys something, so I’m married now and it’s been a few month, I love my new home and my husband is amazing, I’d never replace his kind hearted soul for anyone. But more than my happiness, people around me used to get me down, those shallow low key people who think they’re better than everyone else, you know some never got to know me or asked even if I was ok once married. I used to be alone some days yet no one apart from my close friends and family would care how I was, apart from my husband cousin brothers who are amazing. I gave up being the extra kind soul to some and just became normal kind, it wasn’t planned it came naturally but I was content and happy with myself. It’s funny when you stop being extra nice and normal nice people start noticing she’s strange hey! Sometimes you have to think about your happiness otherwise you end up following the negative when you should be in the direction of the positive. I might look like the bad one to many especially now some talk about you and gossip, but hey, that negativity is what needs to stay behind. I’ve never been one to get involved in gossip and sly behaviour which would explain why my mum says “She knows someone in every shop” , I have friends and some friends who have become family, because I give myself, who I am and I don’t change for anyone else. This reflects on the fact happiness comes from your heart and no one else’s, some people might enjoy giving the jealous or gossip negativity but hey maybe it’s time they read my blog. That negativity doesn’t get you far in life, you become sad and alone, better to avoid it all and focus on the positivity.

Do I think people gossip and get jealous because they are not happy in their own heart? Yes I do. I feel when you watch the negativity or judge others you spend so much time doing that, you forget about the positivity and life you have in front of you. I feel if you are not happy in your own heart you end up watching others and not being happy with their life because you need someone to talk about. Genuinely, I tend to not watch what others are doing yet I LOVE people watching don’t get me wrong. If you are that someone who spends more time having a competition with someone else, or judges and watches what others do more, why? Talk to me do you feel intimidated? Do you feel you’ve been left out? I think being happy with your heart and loving yourself is the most important aspect of someone. I hope you all learn to love yourself first then love someone else.

Loving yourself and finding your happiness within yourself. Think about all the goals you want to achieve and all the things which would make you happy, yet think about all the happiness you have within your heart currently. Also sleep on a positive note, I find sleeping on a negative you’ll get up feeling this way too.

I hope you enjoyed the read, if you want to talk message me, we can keep it personal or you can share on screen. Drop me an email or message me through Instagram

Concentrate on all the positivity





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