Day 3- Future is there when you BELIEVE


With confidence and believing in yourself you will get the results you want…

Since you were born you’ve had many dreams, just as I had when I was younger and I do now. You dream, think and try to achieve those things you have wanted to do. Many times you fall back and think I can’t do this, but everyone makes mistakes. Have confidence in yourself. Everything you do in life will start with trial and error, no one is perfect and no one can say they’ve never made a mistake.

Confidence is key to achieving your dreams and making them reality. Have faith in yourself and believe in you. No one else will be able to accomplish those dreams as much as you can, you’ll come across people who want to help and guide but that’s good. Every bit of knowledge, understanding and research you get is good. Take all of this in but don’t forget the results are down to you. There will also be times when you feel you can’t do it and you don’t have then energy to continue. Think of something which you want or to change and make it. Be confident and have faith to go and do it. Results will not come across easily it will take time to see the results you want.

Once you gain your confidence, working hard is the next goal. Everyone has to work hard to get to where they want to be in the future. Sometimes you have an idea of what you want to do and sometimes you don’t. But as long as you work at the dream, you’ll see outcomes. Working hard does also not show good results all the time sometimes but you have to remember to continue, that confidence “I can do this”  should always be with you.

What is working hard? Put all your energy into making your dreams true. You can’t just sleep and it’s there. A dream has to be accomplished by working and doing things to help achieve your goals. Plan ahead, think about what you want for the future and how you can go about getting there. Sometimes it’s not good to overthink. Think what can be done at present and how you can improve as you go through time. Write down a list of things to get done and work through it.

With confidence and believing in yourself you will get the results you want….

There are many people around you who hide their personalities and put a “poka face” on, but what is the need to do this? It’s scary and sad to think people are upset, depressed or unhappy yet they don’t show their feelings or share thoughts with anyone. These people generally lose confidence as they hide away. What is the need to hide? Maybe the people around you are not the people you need. Sometimes some people make you feel insecure, nothing wrong with the people it’s just their personalities are different to yours. What would you say is the best thing to do? It’s common in many young teenagers, they try to fit into a group they don’t belong to. But once they start talking to people they get along with, their confidence comes out and they shine through, these teenagers with no confidence come through with a lot of confidence that is the key. Once you gain confidence you gain a lot in life. Never try to fit in when you feel out of place and unwelcome. However, with confidence in you …you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable around anyone. Be who you have been born to be and don’t let anyone change the way you are.

Example, Many people feel when around people who smoke for example need to do the same, well you don’t. I’ve grown up with a lot of friend’s who smoke and not one day have I felt the urge to pick up a cigarette. Yet those friends have been by my side since I was at school, friends should be the last to ever judge you same as family, hence many say as I do… Friends are family.

You have to pick your friends..if they’re not right for you don’t worry many others around. Once you know who you’re comfortable and confident around everything else the relationship,friendship and trust will come naturally.

I’ve had many friends in my time, from when I used to know around 900/1000 people on FB. I didn’t used to talk to all of them but I used to know them, now I’ve moved to Instagram with around 390 however these being people I do talk to and know.

videos below which show this,


Believing in yourself, exactly what’s said, surround yourself with greatness,

Here is a good Youtube Video by Dr. Ivan Joseph. Developing skills of self confidence.


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