Day 4 – When I see an Independent Man/Woman….

You know what I’m thinking about today, well….

Do you know what I think of men and women who are independent? THEY ARE REAL MEN and WOMEN!

As a teenager I’ve grown up being able to control my movements in life and taking on challenges you think you wouldn’t be able to accomplish alone. Do you have any challenges you have completed yet you didn’t think you could without your parents?

It’s not easy being ME, but it is easy for anyone?! Well, living with two siblings who are smart and people always call for them first. Then came along me…. The little young one who no one really noticed till I showed my independence and my confidence came through. Are you a sibling who is left on the side, the last one to be called but the first one when anyone needs help? You know, I know what it’s like being the youngest, sometimes you think no one notices you but hey guess what they do, you just don’t realise it. Read through my siblings post on “what life is like being the youngest sibling”.

Personally, a women or man who waits around to live on their parents progression and success is no independent really. In life you have to work hard and walk through fighting fields to be strong, gaining the ability to make your own earning so you don’t ever need to rely on anyone else. It’s not easy, obviously we all need our parents when we are younger to guide us and help us through early stages. Women are intelligent and you know if we can clean and cook as can men, who says we can’t go to work and do what men do? Men also have the ability to clean these days and cook, some have a passion for it. I live in a world of equality and we should all share responsibilities and complete what we want in life. You know they even have Paternity now not just maternity leave. Powerful women work hard to achieve their dreams, standing up to others and working through hard streams to get certain things/go certain places. Sometimes, women are underestimated but with confidence women have these days well anyway can smell that independence from a  mile away and all I say is well done to those women, do you agree? It’s not easy right, having to go through Hormones at the same time as dealing with strong fierce men or women on a daily basis? Do you have struggles at work? You know it’s when you’re working you see the true characters of individuals and get strong, become more confident. The good thing about being independent is no matter what happens, you don’t feel threatened that you will be left with no job or income, as you know with being strong you can always progress or find something to keep that income flowing.

Independence comes when you can go anywhere not to worry you’re alone, be able to stand up against anything and buy what you want without the worry you don’t have your own money, knowing you manage your own finances and control your own income. No matter if you were with people or left alone, you would be able to continue having your life. I’ve been raised to be aware of never relying on anyone and becoming independent is the most safest way to be happy in life as no one can upset you and you can try to achieve those dreams you want. Even though people say Money isn’t important, well to be honest, it kind of is sometimes. You know it doesn’t mean to become the most richest in town, it just means to have enough inflow to keep you and your family happy. I think this is where people get confused, when they say they need more money etc, well to be honest you need the money to make yourself stable but it doesn’t mean you’re not good if you don’t have as much as all these celebrities. One day they’ve all had to work hard for their money too.

When I see a Man or Women walking the street with great confidence and Independence it’s nice. I know someone who grew up with not much at all, their parents would work so hard daily to make sure they had great education and could get everything for them. You know it doesn’t take you having all the best equipment to learn at school or college, it just takes head down and hard work. Sometimes they would struggle to get everything that child wanted but with the encouragement and understanding of how hard life was, that child grew up to be an amazing young man and now a married man. Yet with an amazing job, house and his own career goals. He worked hard with influence and seeing reality, to get to where he is today. It’s not only nice but it’s an achievement you have to be proud off. To have minimal to now being able to purchase anything you want to an extent of course is so soothing to see.

You build independence alone, it takes a lot of hard work and focus. I was never worried about money but I was worried about the future and where I would be. I worked so hard from College that now I don’t have the worry that I need someone to be dependent on. Do you want that independence? What makes you think you can’t be that person?

Come on throw me some questions, let’s have a discussion about independence What do you all think?

Live life being independent not dependent on anyone.

Thanks for reading this article, its aimed at the people out there who feel they need to be dependent because they don’t have the confidence to walk alone…..well as they just don’t know it yet, confidence is right in front of you.



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