When January comes and the Harrods Perfume SALE is here…..

Hey There,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year to All!!

Crazy as it sounds, but annually I go and purchase my perfumes….YES Annual supply of them. I need to spray perfume daily, I love a good scent especially on the tube or bus. I tend to not spray the perfume on my body as much as obviously there are ingredients that may not be so good for your skin. I end up buying a few nice ones, this year as I’m married I also purchased some for my amazing Husband. Generally, you see gift sets for around           GBP 60 -120, this is with a bag or body lotion, if you’re lucky maybe even all three. Usually, I visit the Harrods store on Knightsbridge and there is a department area in the store where they hold the perfume sale (Usually through the ground floor doors where the bags are) , literally loads of perfume boxes on high tables, stacks of boxes. First year I went crazy and bought so many that they lasted me two years, they are also really good for birthday presents. This year I haven’t been able to go to Harrods, so before XMAS day I put an order in ONLINE. To be honest nothing is as good as going to the store and seeing them all in person as you get a wide selection, but sometimes you have to do the shop online especially when you don’t get a chance to go to the store. I do feel the store has more variety and a lot more perfumes to offer. Many of them go down from GBP 90 to GBP 45 and Some go from GBP 65 to GBP 30.

Why do some perfumes charge more than others, is it just the name and the publicity of the product to make it popular which increases Price, or is the demand for quality and good ingredients the reason for the increase in price on some products.

Ingredients in Perfumes, COMING SOON

Where perfumes are made,COMING SOON

Below are all the ones I purchased this year, was a bit disappointed as I know they have more gift sets but not all were online,


Men’s Gift Sets


Ladies gift set


Hope you enjoyed the read




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