When you usually see brushes you think how do I use these? which one needs to be used for what? what can go wrong if the wrong one is used? …The answers to all these questions is Trail and Error. Have confidence to play around with brushes. Nothing can go wrong if you believe in what you do. No one was born with skills they were all developed and creativity was found through humans….

There is no wrong way with using brushes but there are right ways, there are just ways in which brushes have been created to help apply make-up in the easiest way to give the full effect that should been given. Products are made to be applied to our face in ways which can be effective and give the creative look you want to see…

We are all born with unique skin types, we all have our own look we like, there is nothing wrong in being yourself. No one will point fingers for dressing different to others, as long as you have confidence in yourself, you will be able to test how make up is applied and which is best. There are many different sites which can help guide you through make-up application.




Make-Up Brushes

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