20180114_174515Yes!!!!! My amazing mother in law bought me the MAC Snowball collection this Christmas. Exactly what I wanted, all the colours I LOVE wearing. From nudes to bolds, you name it and it’s there. The full set cost GBP 85, now if you are like me and LOVE to shop, you could have found the set slightly cheaper at John Lewis or House of Falser, when they had the 10% discount on flick. Before Christmas unlike before now they have Super Sales, it’s actually mad as I would have thought it would all start on BOXING DAY but no sales start beforehand so be alert for next year! All MAC products go down by 10% as well as all other brands, and if you’re waiting for the MAC Christmas collection after Christmas from an expert, don’t! They always sell out of the best products so best to buy while you can. Also, the Monument HoF store has more in stock than other stores, plus when they say Out Of Stock online, always try this store, it’s the one for last minute in stock pick me ups!

See below all the amazing colours from my full set, which one would you wear?


Have you tried to mix them up? Have confidence in yourself and your own style, don’t do what others do, be your own person…..

Which one are you?


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KB ❤


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