When people make assumptions about you from the outside?…

So, come on now let’s be real! There is always that one person to judge, look or act a certain way before even knowing you! Am I wrong ? Or am I right? Now, let’s start with what you think an assumption is.

So to me, assumptions are things people take as true or certain to happen or be. What are assumptions to you? I feel you should never assume unless you know the truth, not your assumption truth the real truth. In life you meet so many different people from different backgrounds and ages. Why do people feel it is necessary to see someone or meet them and make up their mind.

Before I got married, honestly did not have any issue with people liking me or not liking me. You get on with everyone and make the efforts you need to make. As time went on and I did get married, I noticed people well only a few not even a few actually a very little minority make assumptions about you from either the way you dress, look or act. In all honesty I lived so long doing me and being independent for me this was normal to be who I am even today. I treat myself and I pamper myself, which all of you should be doing now and then! Loving and looking after yourself is very important. The love you give you is love no one else can give. And for someone else to give you that same love make sure you represent your love well. I feel by me however doing this for myself and no one else, they saw me and took a judgment. People surrounding you will always assume the worst about someone before giving them a chance and assuming the best. Lucky, when I always meet someone new I give them a chance, I try to get on and make as much effort as I can. There is no day where I will ever say I dont like someone or they’re this and that. However, I’m honest with how I feel about you. For example, if someone was to ask me how I got on with someone who probably hasn’t made any effort for over 3 years with me, I would be honest and say they don’t like me, they don’t come round or talk. You know I’m sure if this went back that person would be like Oh My Gosh you are talking about me. When really it is only the truth!

Now when someone hears the truth about them, they will automatically react. A reaction is them being hurt by the truth but not wanting to agree to it. Instead of being adults may act like school kids and that is where they either get left behind. So, when assumptions come across just wait to talk them out. I’m pretty sure they are so minor you will both be like seriously.

How to deal with people who assume?

Sometimes you feel to speak to them and be honest. But will someone who has made a judgement or assumption ever change? I don’t think so, if someone feels a certain way about you. They will feel this always without question. They will always see you in a different light. That’s ok. Just know it is ok for someone to feel how they want, what you should not do is use anger to that person without speaking to them what has caused these assumptions. Everyone has a reason for when they do things. People do not act under nothing. There are always reasons. Some are not comfortable to speak that is ok to.

Now when you work with someone who makes an assumption. How do you act around them? I would be myself and do what I would always do. Sometimes you may feel awkward and go silent this is normal. When you are out and feeling awkward, just remember you are you and who you are is who you will be. Now sometimes people feel your presence is a threat when really you are no threat at all. Once they get to know you, they will actually see you are an amazing person unique or different but still amazing. When working with certain people you may feel uncomfortable which is annoying as makes things awkward when they do not need to be,lucky for me I’ve not had this but I know some people who have.

You have to let go of some people to get on with your life.

In the hardest way and nicest way possible sometimes you have to let go of those people who are not loyal and assumptions are getting in the way of their behaviour towards you. If someone is making you feel down clearly they are no good for you, if someone wants to take assumptions from meeting you – let them! You still have to empower your own goals and do what you need to do. Later or never they will realise who you are and all those assumptions were wrong. Let go of those people and continue getting your goals. Life is about many challenges and sometimes you just have to let go.

Now, are you going through this? Do you want to talk about it. Let’s go. Send me a message now through my contact details page and we can talk. Sometimes you need some encouraged and advice to know what to do. It’s not always easy but we support each other.

Love to you all x

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