Day 27 – You don’t need an EGO…you just need CONFIDENCE…..

There is quite a difference between getting an EGO and becoming CONFIDENT. A lot of people get this wrong and in the end confidence turns into shallow, spiteful and bitter behaviour which stops you from fulfilling a lot of the dreams you’ve had in your thoughts to pursue. Confidence comes from believing in yourself and being who you are, someone who can approach any challenge without judging or assuming you can’t do it. While as when Ego comes into play, you end up with confidence plus another boost that you’re better than anyone else, your ego is pride which you have over the people around you, people call it a big head. This is something you don’t want to get to. Just remember in life, you want to achieve the best for you as a person and the people around you, you want everyone to be happy and achieve the goals you want. Remember it’s not a competition to become better than others, it’s a power to get the best out of life and have a happy future, a future you might have been dreaming of since you were a child.  Don’t let your ego come in the way of your thoughts, not only for your future goals but with your friends and family.

Meeting new people and growing your own business, you might find yourself doing well and achieving more, but NEVER forget those who were there from the beginning, and never start thinking you are better than anyone else or those. Your confidence will automatically become strong and that’s a good thing, you become more confident and start stepping out of your comfort zone. You become more responsible for what you do, you start doing things you were not comfortable with. Life is about taking new challenges and doing the uncomfortable, but never change. Some people become more selfish, pride takes over and ego starts to show with who they talk to and how they talk but NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN. We are all equal, there are some whose confidence levels haven’t reached where they can, this is because of the independence and thought that they can’t, when we all can.

“Confidence comes naturally when you believe” – C By KB

How to handle your thoughts if you think you are getting an ego when you don’t want one. Think about all those people you were with when you were born or raised, were you born with an Ego, were you born with anything? When you didn’t have your own independence and thoughts, were you better than anyone else? I don’t think so. You come with no ego, you are raised with Confidence and belief you’ll be someone in the future. But never forget what you started with and never judge someone else or think you’re better than anyone else. Think about all the people who have been there for you and all the struggle you have gone through to get what you want, don’t let pride take over all the hard grafting you have done. You’ll only notice your success turns into dust, especially when you lose the people who have been supporting you from the beginning.

Did you all know I’m a people person and since I was a child I’ve loved making friends, everywhere and anywhere I go. Life is about exploring and being who you want to be. I’ve got friends who work in different place from shops to banks and dentists or Drs, some who went to school and some who dropped out, yet I continued doing what I wanted. I’ve started my own thing now and nothing will stop me from continuing. I never forgot about any of my friends and the people I’ve grown up with, it’s not a competition for me and you don’t need to get an ego for earning more, it’s just about love for what I do and who I want to be. I want to go to places and be someone, be someone who can achieve the best in people. Helping others, I went through things on my own and in my own head from a young age, which is why I started writing journals. But now, I’m able to help those and talk to those who need someone just to listen to. The one thing I learnt was CONFIDENCE, when I got that confidence I didn’t have, I could do a lot more than I ever had before.

Have CONFIDENCE and pride in what you do, but never have an ego confidence or pride above others. Stay focused and stay down to earth, no one wants a show off as they call it, or someone who walks around like others are sh!t. Achieve what you want in life but never forget God and the people who have been there from the beginning.

Throw EGO out and take confidence up an notch.

Title – Ego VS Confidence

Have you ever been confident

Have you ever been successful

Have you ever been independent

Now is the time

What’s stopping you

What’s stopping you from reaching

Reaching for your dreams

Don’t be afraid

Life is one

All born in the same way

Mothers are a blessing

We all got to take chances

We all got to be brave

We all got to do the things we are uncomfortable with

Strength is a blessing

Now take your chances

Don’t think about the what could and might’s now

Stay positive

You are confident

You are powerful

You are independent

Success is a blessing now

The ones that supported you

Never forget them

Thank God daily

They’ll always be your shadow

From darkest moment to the brightest moment

They will be there

Every day to support honour and respect you

Fake friends can watch now

You don’t need to change

People will love you for you

Don’t get an ego for the amount of Facebook friends you have

Did they have faith in you

Where have they been all these years

While you were eating out of canned tins

Did they know you were going places

You had faith in yourself that’s the main

Probably the ones who bullied you at school

See that’s why I say you shouldn’t bully

It will only come back and get you now

Bullies don’t waste time

Work hard now

No one gets it for free

14 is a number you won’t be there forever

When you are 30

Will those friends be there now

Work hard for yourself

Don’t let your youth ego get you down

Be confident

Walk away from trouble

Just think about your future

You want your kids in the situation

You are someone now

People need you now

But keep that ego away

Nothing but pain can be caused

You got faith in yourself

Future goals are like diamonds

Twinkle Twinkle little star

You’re someone now

Making your own money for a living

Walking with confidence higher than Burj Khalifia

Holidays flying left right and centre

don’t walk over people

We don’t like Egos over here

We love confidence

We love faith in yourself

We love when you believe in yourself

Let the Ego go to the bins

And the confidence walk the streets

Taking you globally

We got bigger futures ahead

Walk with me

Let’s go to better places





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