Day 28- Completing tasks out of my comfort zone

For a while now I’ve been telling my best mate Rimpi, my mother and family I really want to start driving. I lost my confidence in driving but the other day my husband said “bring your confidence out” and I thought that’s true. He said I tell so many people to be more confident yet I left mine on the side and start guided others more. It’s not in my comfort zone which is why I was so uncomfortable with driving, I would rather someone else drives me around to be honest but then again who wouldn’t mind. I think mainly it was because I heard so many bad rumors about driving and seeing so many accidents I was scared of coming out and doing it myself. But like everything you are never comfortable when you initially start, it’s when you get confident you become more ambitious and you gain comfort by knowing what you’re doing with your confidence. I started driving from taking baby steps to driving on full swing. It was challenging at first my husband helped me drive and build my confidence taking me on quiet roads.  I’m still in practice but that will make me extra confident one day. I drive now 4 weeks on and I feel comfortable and can go where I want, it takes it’s till especially on round about and motorways but I’m ok. I’m able to drive on my own now, the other day I had to go to the surgery my husband said #go slowly and don’t worry”, I did it and it felt nice that I can get around without someone with me.

Never stick to what you are comfortable with only, you need to jump out of your comfort zone to be able to attack new adventures in life and progress. Don’t be afraid, don’t think negative and don’t let anyone think you can’t do it. Believe in Yourself and love the people who believe in you. Support will always be there when you know and have faith in yourself, doing things you’re uncomfortable with will be a positive challenge to see how you get on, just don’t give up.

What makes you think you can’t do it because your confidence is weak? Soon as you hear the idea you automatically say I can’t. Maybe, say I will try next time. What is the worst that can happen? You can’t do it but you’ve tried and I bet you will be able to. Are you conscious about what you are doing? Do you think about others and their stereotypical views more than your own thoughts and happiness?. So time to take a little adventure with me….

Once upon a time I met a girl, light brown hair with pretty blue mist eyes with a hint of grey. She is 5ft9 with a curvy body, some what like Khloe Kardashian before she lost all that weight using revenge bodies. She is confident and she is talkative but she sticks to what she knew best always, from food to daily life. She’ll never take a chance or leave what she knows best. So we went away for the day, just out and about in London. Beautiful place with pink flowers and Lilly’s. The cafe was small just like one of friends. She was sitting there in her own world having her coffee and writing, she dropped her pen near me so I picked it up. My arm bent so close that by accident I knocked her as I went to get the book, her sparkly eyes looked at me as if to say “Hi”. When I turned I read a small clips of the notes, it said “I can do it just need help”. I replied to her “Hi, How are you?”, she said “I’m ok”. I thought to myself maybe she didn’t want to make conversation. That evening I wondered to myself what it was about and what she needed help with. I kept walking and thinking all the way home, even when I relaxed on my nice sofa, in my fur. Then the following day, I passed the same girl again. Slowly, we started talking from one day to everyday. I couldn’t hold it in myself then I confessed, I read a slight bit of your page, what did you need help with? Eventually, she told me, she’s been trying to go for this guy but she feels she doesn’t have what it takes and she’s never approached someone before. I told her sometimes you need to step out of what you usually do you never know what will happen. It’s not always that easy especially when you feel you don’t have the confidence to do it. Firstly, I said you need to build your confidence. We played a few confidence building games. So, we went out that evening for a few local drinks, there were a group of guys we weren’t interested but I told her start talking to one of them just a casual you ok. The conversation started but it didn’t go far, I knew from then she needs to bring out her inner self and be who she is rather than thinking that other person is going to judge her. I told her, start a general conversation about stuff you like and continue from there, need to let yourself be who you are. Once i told her this from that point on she was perfect Ava found herself. She had a brilliant conversation with someone random, I saw smiles and laughter with jokes and sparkle. Obviously, I knew this wasn’t the guy for her but helped her. It helped build her confidence and she was brave enough to talk to the guy she thought she couldn’t. They met up in a local bar after she asked if he’d like to go out, he was more than happy to go for a drink they actually knew each other from university so wasn’t so new. They got along like fire the guy was interested and she was having a great time, they had so much to talk about they met up for a second date……things went on and they are now officially a couple! I felt happy about this it was a new challenge Ava faced and her confidence built to a nice level where she could bring her inner beauty out and be who she is. 

This shows when you build your confidence and love yourself first, you aim to come out of all the uncomfortable areas you once thought you couldn’t have. Your uncomfortable areas become your comfortable area and you become independent.

So now, looking at the below we can see a few things here. 3 Zones, Comfort Zone, Growth Zone and Panic Zone. Now if you think like the guy on the left hand side, you might need to change and develop your thoughts before the PANIC zone you step into the growth zone, from comfort you need to grow before you can  zone.

Growing involves finding yourself and confidence, not hiding from who you are. You can explore in things which don’t involve too many people, once you know you can do it, it’ll help you build your self-confidence and help you grow in front of the public. You might need to rehearse in your own comfort zone or attempt telling yourself you can do it but just remember we are all the same and everyone has to start new without knowing anything first. We all make mistakes and everyone makes errors.

Once you get used to making errors and mistakes in front of people, you’ll then be able to challenge yourself in panic zone and when you do make an error you’ll be able to move forward and rewind that negative into a positive. Taking any negative which come your way and turning them into a view which can help you build success. You’ll be able to leave your comfort zone and explore the world. To build your business you have to leave what you are comfortable with and attack new destinations in belief. Everyone has to face the negative to see the positive, this is the way to gaining strength for your business and progressing further.

Believe in yourself, do you believe you can it? If not, why?……

panic zone 1



I would be really grateful if you could leave some comment or ask some question. If you are shy you can message me separately, till you get confident and start writing on my page.

Hope you enjoyed this article it’s for all my uncomfortable zoned friends.


KB 🙂






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