Day 13 – Wedding Planning? Don’t panic.. guide to planning a wedding

Firstly, get started with…

Wedding Organiser Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet has everything required to run and organise a wedding. From Payments to clothes.. every girl needs a spreadsheet to manage their finances and keep them focused/happy through planning. This purchase is worth it for a non-stress wedding time. All you need to do is send me your email address with the amount events you have.


Woooooahhh…you’re engaged. Finally recovering from the excitement comes wedding planning, but don’t panic. When I first knew I was getting married, I felt excited and happy, same time I knew I had a big wedding to plan for, here’s how I had my BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING …. your dreams will come true when you plan efficiently and believe in yourself.. have confidence in what you can achieve

Wedding planning isn’t easy and I won’t say it’s all flying colors with no stress. But you need to believe in yourself and block the negatives. Any negative can become Positive when you have faith. I’m a crazy organised freak, yet I had a few ups and downs but mainly at the time when you can’t be hands on. However, having everything organised is the key to a planned out wedding with less stress at the end.

What you need to plan an organised wedding…

  • Spreadsheet – One attached for ONLY £5.00 – everything you need to set up an Indian/English wedding, I will provide all the tabs and elements which need to be thought of while planning, from invite list to payments..
  • Suppliers – Make sure you know who you are contracting with. If this is wrong this can affect all plans, however, will be under insurance.
  • Clothes – Have all your garments ready for all occasion well in advanced, keep items in good size to be altered just before the wedding
  • Accessories – Make sure everything is boxed and packed different according to each event
  • Organisation – Label and keep all boxes for the day prepared before the wedding

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