Day 9: Are you a girl who has cried when you got married? It’s not easy leaving the ones you love…

You know till the day I got married I didn’t know what it would feel like to leave home, a lot of people might find it easy especially if they have lived away from their family before. Even then, things aren’t the same when you have to leave home forever. I’ve grown up with my parents, yet had the freedom to go out and do what I wanted. I’ve never been stopped and they’ve always let me be happy. I studied from home through School and University. I had the choice to move out but as it only took 20mins by tube didn’t feel the need to. I’m independent enough to live alone but love for my parents wasnt questionable, I knew one day I would leave. Now I’m married, I appreciate every day I spent with my parents. I’ve been able to get up in the nights to check they’re ok, been able to know they’ve always got my support, which they still do. I know they are always there for me, spending days alone sometimes you miss them more and more. You come across some people of the new family who make it hard for you to get along with them, but there always has to be that one person right?  Last week, both my parents were ill, it’s hard not being at home but I’ve been able to cook and take food up down. It’s not the same really as being by them every day, one hug is all it takes. My In Laws are lovely and they do everything they can to make me feel at home, my husband’s house is home now but every day I’ll continue to miss my parents and family. Emotions run when you know the reason you cried on your wedding day was because I love them so much and no one can replace that love. My siblings and family mean the world to me, no family will ever treat you or love you the way your own siblings and family do. You’ll always be precious to the ones who have loved you first, a little angel to your parents and brat to my siblings who I love forever. It’s nice to know my husband is always by my side and I love him so so much, I go through the tough times to be by his side. Trying to manage being a part of both families has been hard but it’s worth it…you have sad emotions of love and missing everyone, same time my love and new home building is going strong… my happiness is a blessing and I Thank God every day!

Let’s see what 2018 brings……

❤ “Mum and Dad will never be replaced they are my angels who will always watch me wherever I go”  & “My Sister and Brother our love will never split, we will walk together through life even far apart it’ll grow” ❤

Come on..let’s have a chat…Is there anything you feel you can’t express to anyone and sometimes you just want to let it out?…



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