Have Faith in what you want to do?

So many people don’t accomplish their dreams because they feel they can’t, they feel they don’t have the capacity or money to run their dreams. It’s not easy to stand up alone, with no partner or support. But my projection from this post is, never give up on yourself. You may not have support and you may not have someone guiding you, but what you will have is faith in yourself to do well. If you fall, don’t worry – pick yourself up and continue. There is never anything easy or ever straight forward, you will be pushed to meet limits which you need to climb over. When you watch the media and see celebrities, yes they have a ‘picture’ life of luxury but they all go through things that you also do not always see.

I’m going to be loading a few posts on my journey I’ve been on for the last few months with my future goal….you will see it’s not a slice of cake from day one.

This is something I know, I started my own range recently “ Chill & Chai By KB”, something I was working on for a while, something I wanted to do. I didn’t think I would be able to get product up and running. I didn’t know about packaging or marketing. I didn’t know how I could put it together with a little one and being 6month pregnant, also working full time in my day to day job. Was there hope for me? Would I be able to manage all? How would I fit the time in to get it done? It wasn’t something I say was going to be easy, but when you see people nothing is easy, it takes work and dedication. You need to work so much that sleep is only covered for a few even hours, the rest is me researching and being awake. That’s the time I drop my emails and get my material for Instagram and media ready. Now, here is how I have come to establish and get something done for my future. It’s a start but everyone needs to start somewhere.


Now, before I started anything I had to do a lot of research and digging around. This included a variety of aspects to go through from Media, what was already out there? What competition would I have? How I would be able to make my product? What would finance be? How would I be able to develop and expand my view? Packaging costs and who would supply? Labelling and covering? Postage and delivery? … It takes so much research and looking up, getting trials done and also testing different companies. I wanted to provide a different looking product which is not in the market, but also something with umph to it. Something which is also tasty and provides a HOME like feel. I have been very into my culture and learning our mother recipes since a child. I wanted to create something to hold my mothers name. Something which would expand and I would enjoy working hard on every step of the way.

After all the research and development choices taken, you come to a final product. Being careful of cost and expenses, you come up with margins and costing. It took me a great amount of time to do my research and come up with a product. My first launch was our ‘ORIGINAL Masala Chai’ this was something designed to honour my mum and her recipe. We had quite a few of the family always asking my mum for her chai, I once asked her Mum – “How do you make this?” She always replied “ Don’t worry I’ll make it for you all”. I always said “Mum I know you will but let me know the recipe I may need it”. From that I discovered and based my expansion on this. It was made by me and my mother. Our Chai is authentic, traditional and something which you would only find at home. It’s a blend very hard to get, I had to grind all our ingredients at home, blend them together and make them to measure. Currently each batch is done one at a time, I need to work on mass scales. But it is going good.

If you don’t follow see my details below to view out Chill & Chai,

Instagram @ChillandchaibyKB

Facebook Page @Chillandchaibykb

Email Chillandchaibykb@gmail.com

After a couple of weeks, with a few lovely orders coming through working on around 2 per day then increasing some days to 20. I managed to develop and release my Chill & Chai BY KB – Chai Tea Latte. The development of this came from my love for Chai Tea Latte from famous Starbucks. I could never get the same taste, until I did several tests and trails. I managed to get very close to the taste of our love for Chai Tea Latte. It was close, I needed some adjustments but was not far off. I was happy with the outcome especially as it was INSTANT CHAI TEA LATTE so could just add water if in the office, or away on holiday and you wanted some. It is perfect for travellers and also people who are busy and don’t have the time to brew up a Chai.

I’m going to keep you up to date with out next projects and also Chill & Chai Products.

Currently below is the list of products we have ready for order,






Hope you enjoy visiting and seeing some pictures, if you would like to order and see out products don’t hesitate to message me!!!! So excited to share this with all my amazing supports.


Love KB

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