Day 1 – Why I’m writing this blog…

Everyday you travel the world with your own soul and heart. Believing in yourself and having control is the most important part of this. When you were born you were taught how to speak, walk, read and write, with all this you have grown into who you are today. Now it’s time to find your own self image which makes you happy as a person. Don’t look at the people around you, look at who you want to be and what makes you happy.

Explore all the foundations of what you feel comfortable with and enjoy being creative with the art around you.You have to LOVE YOURSELF to find your inner beauty and CONFIDENCE to find your outer beauty.

I’ve grown up through trial and error to find who I am today, exploring every type of beauty and fashion style which I’ve come across, from different parts of the world. As styles change, we learn to explore beauty and fashion more and more, follow my journey…. throw your doubts away and enjoy life with CONFIDENCE…be YOU and be UNIQUE…

How UNIQUE can you be? Well everyone has different finger prints so you’re pretty unique anyway. From seeing different people you can see what kind of look people or attitide to life they have throughout different countries from different makeup techniques, different eating habits, different fashion styles and different organisation skills plus many more.

I’m going to take you through my journey from kids to adulthood, including Makeup, confidence, fashion, wedding planning and more. How I became who I am today and what made me believe in myself. It’s not all easy we’ve all had trial and error. Make -up wasn’t actually my first love when I was younger I liked riding my bike, swimming (My Uncle taught me how to ride a bike and Swim, he gave me confidence in myself and now he’s not here today but he is always in my heart) and hanging out with my brother, as I got into my teenage years to year 12 that’s when I started to get into makeup and adventuring out. Check out my Makeup page to follow my journey. Eventually from MakeUp I got into fashion clothes and styles, when you’re young it’s harder to buy what you want and have the clothes you like to look at. I got my first job at HnM which actually lasted 2 weeks till I found a job for me, when I was at HnM I got into smart clothes and casual clothes. Got a few good deals and ventured out. This is when all my shopping love started from age of 19 …. 10 years on not much has changed actually it’s got worse as I’ve developed and gained my own style of dressing and being ME!!!!

Now, when you grow older you find your own style and look. You get more confident in yourself especially when you focus on who you are and don’t take in the negativity around you. Hence, I always tend to say surround yourself with positive people it’ll always be better for you in the future. It’s not so easy as sometimes you have no choice but to be around those people, in which case always learn to block out that bad vibe. Once you’ve covered this, you can dress the style you want and feel comfortable. Also, explore all the different styles around you without feeling uncomfortable. I used to feel challenged by my surrounding till I was 17 and I gained my own confidence by believing in myself. My inner beauty then shinned bright and my outter beauty started to develop, taking its own toll.

Explore the world in your own time and travel life in happiness as everyday is precious and you’e building a memory for yourself.



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