Hey Everyone!

So, this year I thought I would come up with a bespoke luxe Advent Calendar for kids. From Babys, Toddlers to Kids we have books for them all. Best part about it is you can select the books you want to add to the Calendars. Meaning you do not receive duplicate books and you get what your children love to read. To be honest, I’m slightly late posting this as most of them have been sold now but we still have some available so get in touch.

Kids always receive chocolate calendars no offence I was actually one who loved (loves actually till this day) a normal 99p Advent Calendar – Cadburys. They were the best, those mornings you wake up with the tree lights on, all nice and cosy. Always ready to have a chocolate watching the days go down getting closer to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But after a while I’d end up eating most on Christmas Eve as would either forget or just not have time. So, to make things more interesting instead of just a Chocolate I have come up with a luxurious Book Calendar. Each Calendar has 24 Books of your choice, 25 Chocolates and also 1 Large Hardback Toy Santa Jounrey Books which includes 3 Tracks. REALLY GOOD DEAL all wrapped and packed for Christmas at £49.99 each. A surprise present for all 25days!

Now, which books are included. Well let’s start by adding some pictures of the Titles we have available. There are three box sets I’m using, which unless you are a Usborne Organiser like myself are unable to sell seperately. This is why it’s an even better deal as you can select books from any set and mix and match.

More advanced reading Level two

Now, to order all you have to do is Message me through my CONTACT DETAILS page or send me a message on Instagram @confidencegrowshere once received. I will discuss with you all your options and which books you want to add to make it extra special!

So exciting! That feeling of not only having an advent but getting your children happy over christmas and doing some reading! Come on, we all know getting kids to do some educational activity can be challenging , let’s make this year fun. It’s not been all good so far.

Also, take a look at this little beauty which was created for a very special girl this Christmas. I have wrapping for Boys and Girls all Christmas themed. Actually went to #HobbyCraft the other day and picked some more lovely stationery as all out for christmas now. So exciting to officially start wrapping, you know the best thing is I love giving presents and just seeing the smile. I’ve always loved giving over Christmas or any time to be honest and this makes it extra special. My husband actually said I’m spending more money than making lol but seriously what is the fun if you’re not going to enjoy it. ♡

24 Books and a Large Santas Christmas Journey Book 🎄🤶

All Wrapped and ready just need to add all the chocolates fresh on delivery 🎄🎅

Thank You so much for your support, if you have any questions just let me know. State tuned Love to all x

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